On2 Salsa Foundations (FALL18-S1)


On2 Salsa Foundations (FALL18-S1)


Runs | Tuesdays @ 9:00pm - 9:50pm
Dates | September 11-October 30th
Cost | $110.00
Instructor | Leo
Studio | Blue

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SALSA On2 Foundations
Recommended for those who have some salsa experience on 1 and are ready to try something new!  

(Definition from torontodancesalsa.ca)  Salsa on 2, commonly referred to as "Mambo", is a style of salsa first introduced by Eddie Torres in New York in the 1960s. Technically speaking, dancing "On 2" refers to the beat the dancers break forward on. Followers will break forward with the left foot on the 2 and leaders will break forward on the 6. New York style salsa is distinguished by smooth, controlled, highly technical movements that are elegant, graceful, flow well and are not rushed. The style is very linear and many of the turn patterns evolve from cross body lead variations. Multiple spins, complicated footwork, Afro Cuban body movement and shines are a must. Dancing "On 2" is rhythmically more difficult as it is easier to hear the 1 beat and break on this beat. Many dancers learn to dance "On 1" first and then train "On 2" as they feel it is more musically and rhythmically rich and complex

FALL 2018
Tuesdays 9:000-9:50pm
September 11-October 30th
8 week session - $110.00
Instructor: Leo
Location: 3521 8th St. East, Blue Studio (downstairs)